== Sacramento Book Collectors ==

Who are we :

We are a small group that meets every week to talk books. Our meetings last about an hour and our discussions span many different topics, including the similarities between historical fiction novels written by primary sources like Catherine II or Agatha Christie; how authors use foreshadowing in their work (spoiler alert: it's usually not intentional); what makes for good writing versus bad grammar/spelling mistakes - you'll never guess who doesn't want us reading his book again after I pointed out some glaring errors! I know this sounds weird but one thing we absolutely love doing at these events is making funny videos with readings from classic works of literature set to music so people can enjoy them without having read all those boring old texts first hand...

The Book Club meets every week to talk about books. One of our favorite things to do is discuss the book, characters and themes it presents as well as other great literature from authors like Hemingway or Jane Austin who might not be so popular anymore but still have plenty worth reading! The small group at my school has been meeting since freshman year; we're all really close even though some members come in different years than I do because there's always someone available when needed (and everyone likes sitting next door during lunch).

This week one guy brought "Slaughterhouse Five" by Kurt Vonnegut Jr., which ended up being his choice novel for discussion - he found this just before class started last Monday afternoon

A group of book-lovers that meet once a week to talk about their favorite books, the discussions are always interesting and new perspectives on life can be gained from them.

Upcoming Meetings :

Friday, 11th March 2016. Annual Dinner Meeting, Mimi's Cafe, 2029 Alta Arden, Sacramento. Headliner is author and artist Robin Burcell, who has been a real police officer, an FBI forensically trained artist and a hostage negotiator for 20 years before turning to writing. Her first book, "When Midnight Comes" was a finalist in the Romance Writers of America's Golden Heart and the prestigious "Rita" for Best First Book.